Sunday, June 7, 2009

How I became a fan of baby wearing

I was introduced to "baby wearing" 14 years ago at a La Leche League meeting ( Breast Feeding Support Group) in Ontario Canada.

I had never seen or used a baby sling before and was instantly hooked on this easy way of carrying and bonding with your child! My second son wanted to be held by me almost constantly and with an older child and daycare children in my home at that time, I finally had my hands free and was able to tend to everything else as well . The sling was my sanity saver more then once!! I never went anywhere without my sling! Shopping, playing with the children, walking , gardening, visiting, traveling...and much more. I still wonder how I managed to survive a colliky first child without the help of a baby sling. It didn't take long before I had multiple slings in different colors and pattern.

After using the sling for a year I had answered many questions about the slings and where to buy them, that I decided after we moved to make and sell my own slings .

First I just sold them locally, then later ,when I was introduced to the Internet, on my own web site. At that time they went under Polar Bear Creations.

We had another son a couple of years later and he too enjoyed being carried in the sling.

2 years ago I changed the name to Baby Bear Slings and used the old name for my

Well ,thanks to a bad internet provider I am without a web site and have decided to use this blog and my Etsy store instead for now.

I will add more info as I go along.

If you have questions, please feel free to

leave a comment here on my blog and I will get back to you.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Etsy Shop

I just finished getting the new Etsy store ready and
tomorrow it will be up and running .
These slings will be listed.....